Infor Ming.le is an integrated business collaboration platform


Infor Ming.le is an integrated business collaboration platform that improves business and provides analytical reports in the appropriate application context. Infor Ming.le is incorporated in the Infor M3 ERP and allows all employees to communicate, collaborate and easily follow colleague, resource and process activities that need to be done. The information is saved as documents, designs, photos and videos in a central environment together with the application context data so that it can easily be retrieved.

A modern user experience provides employees with data, puts colleagues into contact, depending on the role each one covers, and reduces the use of email.

Infor Ming.le not only allows users to identify business problems, it also resolves them directly within the application, thus favouring an increase in productivity.

Ming.le takes advantage of the Internet of Things by creating a network of company connections and capturing the company's vital knowledge.