NEW AGE - Master Data


NEW AGE - Master Data

Master Data processes, moderately dated and hard to maintain, are finding it increasingly more difficult to sustain the growing demand of financial institution Information Technology systems for innovation. Some might even be tempted to place some data elsewhere and integrate them with more accessible sources. This, together with other actions, leads to data being repeated, unchecked, acquired too directly and used for all kinds of purposes just because they are available.

How can this problem be solved? If your approach is merely to renew the Master Data from a technological point of view, then you will only obtain technological renovation. Within a few years, you will be back to square one. Re-thinking Master Data as a pro-active solution able to evolve and adapt its own processes when faced with a demanding and constantly evolving Information System, resolves the problem at the source and becomes a strategic asset that generates COMPETITIVE EDGE.

After meticulous international market research into best practices and best available technologies, and following years of research and development in collaboration with a leading banking group, CAD IT has created Master Data.

A robust, dynamic and pro-active Master Data that is able to rapidly evolve and adapt its own processes! Designed to meet the needs of a banking group which, in total autonomy, wants to configure, manage and monitor processes and the specificities of each Entity.

Master Data is user-oriented thanks to an active graphic interface, fitted with dynamic module loading, real-time validation, self-completion, contextual help windows and timely messaging, that also supports the user during every data process phase, thus increasing concentration and zeroing error percentages.

Master Data is quality-centric, based on an intrinsic data quality system that enables the constant data management, offering definition and configuration autonomy in:

  • data acquisition processes through workflow definition and form design;
  • data checking through data dictionary;
  • proper usage of the data.

Master Data is migration-oriented, a unique product that brings with it the experience of a sustainable migration process which allows:

  • new and “old” data to be constantly aligned thanks to a two-directional synchronisation process;
  • applications that access “old” data to progressively migrate to the new data.