M1y - Digital wealth management


M1y - Digital wealth management

Some investors prefer to entrust the management of their assets to professionals giving them the responsibility of achieving risky objectives and agreed profits in respect of limits provided by an asset management contract.

The manager endeavours to respect the investor's wishes, which involves not only bearing in mind the signed agreements, but also considering the legal restrictions.

Strict rules, large asset and order volumes and the need to be quick and effective in operations and controls, make highly automated operational tools indispensable.

Furthermore, some (private) clients, sometimes with substantial assets, need to obtain an effective consultancy service from financial intermediaries, maintaining decision-making and operational autonomy.

M1y Digital Wealth Management System automates the entire lifecycle of individual asset service management, from contract stipulation to the simulation and execution of management operations, up to the periodic reporting.

M1y Digital Wealth Management System is a series of three closely connected yet independent modules:

  • Asset management;
  • Advice.

The functionalities for asset management allows users to operate with effectiveness and efficiency on a conspicuous number of customers offering aggregate analysis functions and sophisticated distribution criteria, without taking away the possibility of operating specifically on particular customers.

The functionality for consulting offers the sales network a simple and effective tool for assisting the customer and advising him/her on investments.

The system analyzes the portfolios to generate alerts that feed the consultants' agendas in order to make interventions timely.

M1y is compliant with the requirements of MiFID II and LSerFI and performs adequacy checks.