You have to do something more than mere perfection
The world changes and surprises us
With infinite possibilities
It inspires us to create new solutions
Solutions that connect us intuitively
With what really matters for all of us
Solutions that make everything lighter
more efficient and more surprising
Solutions that give emotions
and enrich our lives
Looking to the future
With the power of tradition
Innovating together

Business Area
Innovating together

Banking and Finance Area

CAD IT is a dynamic Italian technology company with a leading position in financial services software. Area Finanza, our flagship product, is viewed as the gold standard with a 90% share of the Italian securities processing market. With continuing product development, Area Finanza has now been implemented successfully internationally, at…


Public Administration Area

CAD IT is currently at the head of a group that represents one of the most dynamic organisations in the Italian Information Technology sector with a leading position in providing software solutions for Tax Collection in Italy. CAD IT operates in this sector with its own controlled company SMART LINE, an Italian firm with head offices in Prato…


Industry Area

CAD IT provides consultancy and professional services offering companies innovative solutions and specific support based on technology and INFOR managerial software.  With 40 years' experience in the production, release and maintenance of managerial systems for industry, CAD IT supports application and managerial process upgrades for…


CAD IT sponsor dell'evento "Lex & the City"

CAD IT sponsor of the "Lex & the City" event, the first festival of law in Verona, invites the operators of the sector, students and citizens to discuss the topic "The right to good administration". To learn more

L'Arena - CAD IT è passata di mano dai Dal Cortivo a Cedacri

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. Vendita a sette mesi mesi dall'uscita dalla Borsa dell'azienda veronese

L'Arena - CAD IT fuori dalla Borsa aumentano utile e ricavi

BILANCI. Via libera ai conti 2018 della software house dopo il delisting avvenuto a dicembre.        

CAD IT will attend to the meeting organised by "AFBS” focused on FIDLEG and MiFID II regulation

CAD IT, thanks to 10 years of experience achieved during the MiFID and MiFID II compliance projects in Italian and European banks, will present its comparative analysis between the new FIDLEG regulation, inspired by European rules, and the MiFID II regulation, with the objective of analyzing the…

L'Arena - CAD IT, 2018 in crescita con gli acquisti in Spagna

FINANZA.Dopo l'addio alla Borsa la software house chiude i conti con gli indici in positivo.

Avviso di fusione per incorporazione - Software Financiero Bolsa, S.A. (società incorporante) DPI CAD IT España S.A. (società incorporata)

In conformità a quanto disposto dall'articolo 43 della Legge spagnola 3/2009 del 3 aprile sulle Modifiche Strutturali delle Società Commerciali (Modificaciones Estructurales de las Sociedades Mercantiles - di seguito “LME”), si rende noto che in data 27 marzo 2019, le assemblee generali…

Event Agenda: the SFTR solution and evolutions of the REPO platform

The agenda for the event of 4th April is online. An event dedicated to the European regulation SFTR (Securities Financing Transactions Regulation) will be held on 4th April  at the CAD IT conference room. During the meeting, CAD IT will present to its customers the SFTR solution and the next…

CAD IT sponsors the event IHA 2019

CAD IT sponsors IHA 2019 - Italian Health Award, a charity event dedicated to health and healthy lifestyles. The health oscars will be delivered on March 22nd at Ristori Theatre in Verona. The entire proceeds will be donated to Save the Children Italy on the 100th anniversary of its…

CAD IT will attend to the meeting organised by "AFBS” focused on LSerFi and MiFID II regulation

CAD IT will attend as speaker to the meeting organised by "AFBS - Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland" The event will take place the next March 13th at Lugano City Center, in Switzerland. The meeting will focus on LSerFi (Federal Law on Financial Services) and LIsFi (Federal Law on…