ART - Process management


ART - Process management

Digital transformation and regulatory compliance are currently the biggest structural challenges that the financial sector is having to face. The market is changing and taking giant steps; innovation models, data governance, supervision and process monitoring are important challenges that are urging financial institutes to focus on technology as a fundamental ingredient for business advancement.

Developments in technology and regulatory compliance highlight the need for optimal process, data, resource and service management in order to favour adopting a new mentality and renewed relations between customers, suppliers and the Supervisory Bodies.

Classic technological solutions suffer from a static and weighty vision that is not compatible with the constant requests for regulatory adjustment.

The modern approach foresees dynamic models to support Data Governance; these models lead to pro-active process management through useful tools such as evolved reporting, reliable Data Lineage to support data traceability, analyse risks, identify responsibilities and correctly manage data processing. 

ART is the technological answer to these market needs.

ART: the CAD IT's value proposition

ART is a digital platform that acts as a hybrid Business Process Manager (iBPM) enriched with technological functionalities that aim at effective data governance as well as to guarantee quality and appropriateness.  

ART starts from a global vision of operational processes to then analyse them in order to remodel and automate them while simultaneously providing effective tools for their verification and monitoring. ART changes the model of how the users relate to their daily workload by moving repetitive and complex tasks to an intelligent and pro-active environment.

ART is system whose job is to supervise all the processes concerned and that only requires the user’s intervention where strictly necessary while managing automatic tasks in the background. At the same time, it supplies all the players involved with information regarding the distribution of events between users, departments and processes, at any moment and anywhere.

The tool offers indicators regarding performance (KPI), risk (KRI) and quality (KQI) in order to be able to analyse, through modern analytical views that favour decision making in critical phases or to review/simplify processes to improve the areas involved. Users, depending on their level of authorization, can create and autonomously and flexibly modify workflows, specific events, reports or rules (Business Rule Management System), in order to be able to trigger rapid adjustments in regard to problems and changes that may occur, thus considerably reducing Time to Market.

ART is the natural result of years of work based on a needs analysis of our vast portfolio of customers starting from the experience of problems that financial institutions have historically come up against when implementing this type of BPM solution, which can lead to disproportionate costs and creation times and complicated usage in relation to the real benefits obtained.

We have inverted the model since we are convinced that by limiting the necessary functionalities, all the customer’s needs can be fulfilled with the benefit of easy usage and management. Minimum impact on systems, a reduction in vendor lock-in and maximum integration with existing systems are the main elements in the philosophy used in ART and allow the customers to safeguard their software assets and existing know-how and Management and Systems to take advantage of an automatic transversal coordination system.

From a technological viewpoint, ART has been designed as an open system able to integrate with the customer’s or third party’s existing systems through APIs.

All the above comes with a development and agile implementation methodology that respects the customer and provides made-to-measure solutions for each entity’s specific needs and deadlines.