The CAD IT Group


The CAD IT Group

During the years it has widened its product range through the continual increase in new skills and a careful strategy of acquisitions and partnerships. Thanks to considerable investments in research and development and constant market trend monitoring, CAD IT has always favoured products development on tune with new market demands, anticipating its customers needs.

The founding of new companies in 1998 and 2000 and other strategic purchases have enabled the Group to improve synergies and to enter new markets, e.g. business intelligence and control and management systems for banks, insurance companies, private and public institutions, innovative solutions to interconnect financial markets, SIM and SGR, ERP applications and solutions for local tax collection agencies.

Following a brief description of companies controlled by CAD IT S.p.A.:

Cad It España S.A. with headquarters in Madrid and from June 2019 83% CAD IT S.p.A. controlled, is a Spanish consulting and software development firm focused on the assessment and implementation of Front to Back IT solutions. The company is the result of DPI S.A and SFB S.A merger and specialized in the development of applications for credit institutions, Fund Investment, Pension Funds and insurance companies. Cad It España has about 100 financial institutions clients.  

CESBE S.r.l. (Centro Studi Bancari Europei – Centre for European Banking Studies), founded in 1998, operates within the private and public banking sector by supplying managerial consultancy and training. It assists companies and financial institutions undergoing organisational changes in order to help the management define the best intervention programmes together with the supply of software services, managerial consultancy and training.

Datafox S.r.l. with head offices in Verona, is 51% CAD IT S.p.A. controlled and specializes in consultancy, installation and maintenance of company IT systems and in the development of e-business and web application systems. The remaining 49% is held by the management.