Position Keeping


Position Keeping

Multi-channelling, the vast number of financial instruments and border extensions have led to an increased need for timeliness and control Having the positions in one database, updated in real time and knowing exactly what their status, the dislocation and development to provide accounting, financial and compliance data is a has become mandatory. 

Position Keeping has been structured to trace the entire transaction life cycle and to maintain the repository of all transactions that justify the positions. Positions are updated in real time and their structure is multi-dimensional, thus allowing for historical analysis, hierarchy, by type, by status. The position updating rules are defined in decision-making tables and are therefore extremely flexible.

Position Keeping: CAD IT’s value proposition

Position Keeping is the platform that manages the financial instrument movements created by the Suite's various modules. It calculates the positions (balances) in real time, starting from movements received and on the basis of the situation throughout their entire life cycle.

The system is designed to provide detailed information on the status of the positions, at any moment, according to different types of grouping, with a progressive detailed account of the data.

In addition to keeping stocks up-to-date, providing positions at cost, at the market, calculates portfolio returns and risk indicators.

Main features

  • Manages positions for several entities and several feeding systems.
  • Calculates the return on the portfolio and the risk indicators.
  • Loads movements in input, maintaining the history of ongoing situations in the processing of each transaction thus allowing for easy consultation and traceability.
  • Provides data for producing positions and transaction statements.