XRR - Supervisory reports PUMA2


XRR - Supervisory reports PUMA2

XRR innovates management and control of the supervisory report production process.

It blends CAD IT's lengthy know-how with customer needs and new, recently available technologies.

The quality control of the end to end data provides an unprecedented level of reliability.

The control console allows the user to govern the processes of each report, thus benefitting from activity coordination given by business process management logics and by organizing information in data lake mode.

The innovative descriptive editor of the technical forms to be produced means that the algorithms for producing technical forms evolve intuitively.

The java stack expands the product’s usage domain which provides savings in terms of storage, costs and processing time.

The scalable and modular architecture is natively designed to accommodate any product extensions beyond the CAD IT applications.

Main features


Dashboard for process control, exception handling and data summary dashboards.

Data Quality

Formal and merit, endogenous and exogenous data control.

Asset encumbrance

Logical parameterization for balancing and generating technical forms.

Data integration

Information enrichment and data forcing.