Software for Banks and Finance


CAD IT is a dynamic Italian technology company with a leading position in financial services software.

Area Finanza, our flagship product, is viewed as the gold standard with a 90% share of the Italian securities processing market.

With continuing product development, Area Finanza has now been implemented successfully internationally, at leading financial institutions in Europe.

Area Finanza is a complete front to back platform: It’s cross asset, cross business, multi-channel, multi-browser, multi-language, multi-currency and multi entity. Based on event-driven architecture, it allows user to identify exceptions and significant events, to concentrate on managing them, ensuring response times reduction with consequent costs reduction.Thanks to workload functions, the Suite is able to provide a complete and real-time workload management.

Area Finanza offers total automation of all processes relating to derivatives and securities in the following macro areas: Position Keeping, Custody and Administration, Corporate Actions, Order Management, Trading Rooms, Securities Master Database, Settlement, Asset Management, Reconciliations, REPOs, Know Your Customer, Financial Advice and Reporting.

CAD IT is well respected by the market for the following reasons:

  • Area Finanza comes with a guarantee that it will be maintained fully compliant with existing and future regulatory requirements; and also a technology compatibility guarantee;
  • CAD IT currently invests a considerable amount of its annual revenue in R&D initiatives with technological and business partners, universities and regulatory bodies;
  • Deployed to over 200,000 end-users, Area Finanza provides a wide range of end-user experiences for us to monitor to further develop and improve performance.

For CAD IT every customer is unique. For this reason CAD IT offers customised solutions and component-based architectures that allow for a phased system implementation.

“With over 600 dedicated, highly trained professionals employed within our company, our aim is to harness innovation and technology to help your company run better.”

CAD IT customers includes Banks, Insurances, Funds, Brokers, Outsource Service Providers, National Authorities and Enterprises.

Within Europe, our application statistics for Area Finanza include:

  • 1.5 Trillion Euro of AUM (Asset Under Management) managed;
  • 200,000 professional final users;
  • 25,000,000 security deposit accounts.