Excerpt from the notice of summons to extraordinary shareholders' meeting on September 10th, 2018

Each person entitled to vote is summoned to the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting to be held, in single call, at 9.30 am on September 10th, 2018 at the Company head offices in Verona, via Torricelli, 44/a, to resolve on the following item on the agenda:

  1. approval of the merger plan regarding the reverse merger by incorporation of CAD IT S.p.A. into its fully-owned subsidiary CAD S.r.l.; related and connected resolutions.

The information regarding the company capital, as well as the instructions and terms for the items listed below, is reported on the shareholders’ meeting notice of summons, which has been entirely published on the website www.caditgroup.com, Investor Relations section, and available at Borsa Italiana S.p.A. and on the authorized storage system “eMarket STORAGE”, managed by Spafid Connect S.p.A.,  www.emarketstorage.com.

  1. Participation and voting at the shareholders’ meeting and any information on the record date;
  2. Right to ask questions before the meeting, right to ask for additions to agenda and to submit new deliberation proposals on items already on the agenda;
  3. Participation and voting at the shareholders’ meeting by delegation;
  4. Availability of the documentation required by the laws in force regarding the shareholders’ meeting.

On behalf of the Board of Directors

The Chairman

Paolo Dal Cortivo

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