Factory Track

Infor Factory track is the complete solution for production automation

Factory Track

Infor Factory Track offers end-to-end production automation with warehouse mobility, traceability and tools for monitoring the workforce and time.

Designed to simplify production and speed up inventory operations, Factory Track was built specifically to be integrated with industrial production solutions. It provides visibility and understanding of real costs, improves cycle times and meets customer expectations in terms of on-time deliveries.

Goods inventories are appropriately carried out, production keeps to scheduled times, production costs are kept under control, barcodes, logistics and goods handling are managed, storage/withdrawal processes are managed as are lots, elements and components and, of course, work shifts.

The Factory Track modules are:

  • Warehouse Mobility for automating data collection, thus reducing errors between physical and countable warehouse stock and logistics automation;
  • Time Track for managing times, presences and timetables;
  • Shop Floor for automating production planning and improving and checking processes and responsibilities.